Welcome to the first auction of Interkoi-Germany / Grendel-Koi.

We would like to try our luck and offer you a first, small selection in this auction. We have made a selection of good and inexpensive, tategoi and show quality. Since I am regularly in Arendonk, the purchased koi can either be picked up there on my next visit, or here in Germany. We are happy if you like our offer. Schedule Starts: 11/04/2023 06:00 End: 17/04/2023 19:00


Start: 2023-04-11 06:00

End: 2023-04-15 19:00

No: 80

Breeder: Momotaro

Variety: Sanke

47 cm / Sansai / Unsexed

A good Momotaro Sanke from the Mikazuki bloodline. A real "Tategoi" . Sumi will continue to develop over the next few years and it is already becoming apparent that it will become an interesting Tsubo Sumi Sanke.

No: 81

Breeder: Sakai FF

Variety: Mango

56 cm / Sansai / Female

Rare white mango karashigoi, beautiful broad head and feminine. this fish will develop into a real jumbo in the years to come.

No: 82

Breeder: Momotaro

Variety: Showa

50 cm / Sansai / Male

Momotaro Mako Showa with good skin and color quality

No: 83

Breeder: Momotaro

Variety: Kohaku

68 cm / Sansai / Male

Momotaro Kohaku out of the TMJr. Bloodline, very good skin quality and a very intense Beni. A top candidate for any koi show!